Sunday, July 24, 2011

The New Kid on the Blog

So this is my second go at this.  Somewhere in cyperspace is another blog with my name attached to it, somewhere.  I'm sure the email address I used to sign up with it has long since been deleted.  But I'm back and ready to give it another go.  Right now this feels unfamiliar, and damned if I can even find where to go to upload a picture, but I'm still getting my feet wet, and soon I'll be an old pro.  Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  Maybe.


  1. You will be just fine...write from your heart, whatever pops into your head, write with a cause or without one. It doesn't matter!

  2. What they said. What moves you. What makes you laugh, shout and weep.

    In keeping w/ the "Fortune Cookie Lied" theme, you could write regular posts about how you THOUGHT different things would be, vs. how they ARE.

    Just a thought.

    Love you. Welcome to blogland.