Friday, August 12, 2011

So. College.

I am almost 32 years old, and am finally serious about getting me some edjamucation.

I applied to Old Dominion waaaay back in April, and have been waiting.  And waiting.  And faithfully checking the status of the application online.  And waiting some more.  Turns out the college I went to a decade ago never sent the requested transcripts. Uh, thanks guys. So ODU admissions called me, told me what I needed, and seven days later, I'm accepted!    The next challenge is what I'm going to take, and when.  I decided to go to the Virginia Beach Higher Education Campus, thinking it was more for us non-high school types who already have jobs and kids and stuff, and that classes would be at night.  Wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.  After going over the curriculum and finding what was available, the only night class.  But you know what?  It works.  Well, not quite yet, I still need to register for said classes and clear it with the boss-lady, but if everything is blessed off, then oh my God, it will be a perfect arrangement.  The way I worked it out, I will be home NO LATER than 2:30 on any given day of the week.  That means Mommy will be waiting patiently at the bus stop for the offspring.  So it would be a win-win!

Another thing I did was change my major.  Again.  When I went to Niagara County Community College, I was a Criminal Justice major.  I wanted to be a crime-fighting hero. Rawr.  But the universe intervened, gave me a baby, then another, and then yet ANOTHER, and then finally gave me a kick in the ass.  So last year I went to Columbia College, and decided that psychology was the way to go.  Now, I love psychology, but in order to be even a tad marketable, I would need a Master's. And then a doctorate.  And by then I'd be either gray-haired and frail-boned, or possibly even dead.  Yeah, no thanks.  But hey, at least I'm finally doing it.

So here's to three more years of  perseverance to earn that elusive Bachelor's degree, and if I'm feeling particularly motivated, the Master's will be soon to follow.

And with that, I'm off to call the advisor.  Again

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today's Fortune Cookie Told the Truth..

Today's fortune:  "Your emotional nature is strong and sensitive."

Yeah.  Poor Bob couldn't agree more.  Unfortunately, the cookie forgot to mention bitchy, short-tempered and all-around grouchy.  There's plenty to blame for this undesirable medley of emotions that befalls me, but ultimately, it falls to me to be able to control myself.  And lately I can't seem to do that.  Sigh.

We got up extra early this morning to jog down to the beach to catch the sunrise.  It was spectacular.  The sun was blood-orange, hovering just over the ocean, and it was breathtaking.  No, I didn't have my camera, and yes, I did kick my own ass for having forgotten it.  We drank in the scene and moved on.  A slow jog back past the house and up and back down the bridge tested what precious little there is of my athletic abilities, and by the time we got back to the house I was whipped.  I should have felt great that we had gone jogging in the first place, but I was too busy being mad at myself for all the other times I was too lazy to get out there.  Good mood effectively ruined.  Nice job, Lauren.

I just can't seem to shake the witchy-bitchies.  I think we're still trying to settle in, and I've got my kids on my mind, and money (or lack there-of) never ends.

But it will.  I am confident of that.  My dad is always full of good advice, and he always used to tell me that when shit hits the fan, the only way out is the way through.  And he's a smart guy, so we'll march on.

Here's to looking forward to tomorrow's cookie.